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Privacy, Security and Identity Protection

The Pro DB Group believes that you have a fundamental right to freedom; Helping Pro DB to grow is taking the first step to that very freedom The freedom that many Americans and her allies have laid down their lives for. We believe that you have the right to drive your vehicle without being monitored, watched and documented by big business in partnership with your local municipality, state or provincial governments. We believe that your traffic safety programs should be locally based – not revenue based and certainly not administered by private international based companies; keeping records of you and your driving habits without much in the way of control over that information. They determine how and when they use your information. If you believe in your fundamental right to freedom help us get to the next level and take back the day to day control we all deserve.


Protecting your Identity from unauthorized Photos

For more information please visit our website and Check out our Video Today! This video shows you how the Pro DB Reacts to a camera in everyday situations. The video shows you how fast the Pro DB reacts and how quickly the defeat mode is completed. Our powerful dual flash system saturates the plate in a bright white light for less than half a microsecond. Just the right amount of time to overexpose the plate, the rest of the photo remains intact. The Pro DB also fires straight down and focuses it's energy directly on the plate. The Pro DB is bench and road tested for two years and is rated at 8,000 flashes. It is performing well beyond the rated numbers. Solid performance and a solid market means it's ready to rock. Are you ready to help us take the next step and help us manufacture with the largest markets in the world. We need your help to make this happen.

HOW IT WORKS.......... We offer the most sophisticated license plate protection system available on the market today. Put a stop to unauthorized photos of your car, Truck, SUV or Motorcycle Plates in the blink of an eye. Don't be another victim of unauthorized photos , this is the first step in taking back control of your privacy. This high tech piece of equipment is proudly manufactured in the USA at our quality controlled production facility in Denver Colorado. The original Pro DB was glued together and duct taped to the back of my Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle just to test and make sure the concept was solid. It was powered by a nine volt battery I had to change everyday, I never got another unauthorized photo taken of my plate! The Pro DB sure has come a long way. The 2012 Pro DB features less than a 1/2 microsecond detect & response time, a range in excess of 500 feet, advanced false alert rejection circuitry, dual flash defeat mode, pre-flash defeat mode and license plate light mode to ensure the best defense against all unauthorized photos. Our compact size and micro engineering makes sure we offer the least obstructive equipment and in no way interferes with or blocks the license plate. We are not at the prototype stage; we are a completed, works like crazy, ready to go products with initial sales behind us. We need your assistance to help raise enough to meet the demand from the USA, Canada, and the UK alone. The rest of the world will just have to wait for now.


According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) 27.3 million American Citizens were the victims of identity theft in the USA; over the last 3 years ID theft has cost US taxpayers $48 Billion in losses. There has been 9.9 million identity thefts just in the last year alone. Consumer victims totaled more than $5 Million in out-of-pocket losses. To add insult to injury it can take in excess of 300 plus hours to identify and unravel the damage done by identity theft.

Your license plate in the wrong hands is the key that can unlock you, your family and ultimately your credit cards, and bank accounts. It’s epidemic proportions have governments on edge trying to stop Identity Theft from destabilizing already fragile economies.

Your license plate can hand the identity thief:

  • Your Name
  • Where You Live
  • Where You Work
  • Your Home & Office Telephone Number
  • Your personal E-Mail
  • Social Security Number
  • Marital Status
  • Financial Information

This is more than what’s needed to get the wheels rolling to clone your identity. A few years ago who would have thought that a few digits on the rear of your auto could yield so much information. The professional conman has the ability to easily hack into the very fiber of your life ...... but you can take back control by helping the PRO DB Series.


We would like to raise the capital to make our Funding Garage project a huge success story. We are already enjoying early success in the market but still need a small push as the demand far outstrips the number we can make in a timely fashion. We are a start up with two great products; in the market but in very limited quantities.

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Most crowdfunding campaigns have videos talking about their campaign. Would like to see one to get a better connection with what you do...

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Yep! exactly. Most crowdfunding portal require people to post videos talking about their projects.

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Thanks for the feedback Alan just to make sure I understand you mean a video with a person talking about what we do? Thanks again

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